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Past aerial flyovers of Calaveras County School students ...

San Andreas Elementary

Valley Springs Elementary

Michelson Elementary

Hazel Fischer Elementary

Copperopolis Elementary

Mark Twain Elementary

Kindness aerial photos courtesy of Mike Taylor,The Calaveras Enterprise & Kathy Zancanella, Pilot

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Kindness Week for 2024
is February 14th through 17th

Random Act of Kindness Day is Feb. 17th this year

Click here to view photos from the School Flyovers,

Photos courtesy of the Calaveras Enterprise and Kathy Zancanella

Schools countywide are expected to participate again and that we are going to celebrate on the same day as the National Random Acts day February 17, 2024

As in the past, our project will provide kindness-pass-it-on ribbons and tie up ribbon for all Calaveras county schools. We plan to purchase 8,000 pass-it-on ribbons and 3 miles of tie up blue ribbon.

Over the years and going forward, we are supported by the kindness and generosity of many local residents. We appreciate your support!

The Seeds of Kindness
Jim Bergantz, Coordinator

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BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Kindness Proclamation

Over the years and going forward, we are supported by
the kindness and generosity of many local residents.
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"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day."

— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The idea is simple: When we make a conscious effort to perform a kind act, ripples of kindness flow forth.  The grassroots effort to promote random acts of kindness firmly took hold in 1995 when the Angels Camp City Council issued a proclamation and  The City of Angels became the first designated "Kindness Zone" in the United States.  Since then, the ripples of kindness have continued to spread and now wash over all Calaveras County Schools in a celebration of kindness each February.  Join us!

To learn more about random acts of kindness activities visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website at www.actsofkindness.org.

“The Seeds of Kindness, Create Ripples” strives to:

  • bridge and unite the diversity in our world through kind acts;
  • help people value self and others through the expression of  kind acts;
  • foster an environment of kindness which encourages individuals and organizations to work together for a better world; and
  • support any individual or organization who shares the Seeds of Kindness Create Ripples projects mission.

Ten thousand (10,000) "Pass It On" kindness ribbons will be distributed in our schools and throughout our county. The Seeds of Kindness Project works in tandem with Calaveras County schools, organizations and businesses to create an increased awareness for the positive outcomes, both communally and personally, which are the result of the performance of kind acts.

Light blue ribbons will be distributed county-wide. When a ribbon-bearer sees an act of kindness being performed, he or she will sign the ribbon and pass it on. The symbolic ribbons are a visual reminder of the importance of fostering goodwill in our own community and in the world at large.

You may find kindness ribbons available during Kindness Week at the following "Kindness Centers", where you will be greeted with a smile:

  • Calaveras County Office of Education, Angels and all  elementary, middle and high schools in Calaveras County
  • Starbucks, Angels Camp
  • City of Angels Camp city hall
  • Angels Camp police department
  • Calaveras County Sheriff's Department
  • Calaveras County Government Center (21 departments)
  • 21 departments of Calaveras County Government
  • Participating local Banks  
  • Numerous local businesses

(We can mail you a ribbon) Send a legal-size, stamped, self addressed envelope to: “Seeds of Kindness” PO Box 677, Murphys, CA. 95247

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